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Sections: Introduction | Upgrading | HELP!! | Getting Further Help

Synopsis: Upgrading from v1.1.x to v1.2
To upgrade your existing board from Invision Board v1.1.x to Invision Board v1.2, you'll need to update all the program files and run an upgrade script that is included in this distribution. You may want to create a database back up and download via FTP any existing language packs and skin files as these may be over-written during the upgrade.

Important: Skins and full text searching
All v1.1.x skins are not compatible with v1.2. IPB v1.2 has an XHTML compliant skin which has been totally rewritten. The upgrade process will 'sunset' all your current skins by marking them as hidden so that you may manually update them if desired.

IPB v1.2 also supports full text searching. It is recommended that after the upgrade you log into your Admin CP, expand the "Board Options" sub menu and set up full text search. Note, you will not be able to use the "quick" search until full text searching has been enabled.

Saving Old Data
If you wish to save the information in the old default skin, please do the following:
Via FTP download the directories "Skin/s1/" and "style_images/1/". The upgrade will need the v1.1 files to reside in those directories and any previous data will be lost. You will also need to export the default macro set if you wish to retain the information. This should just be the original v1.1 macro set and overwriting it will be harmless.

Uploading the Files
From the unzipped package, upload the following files to the same directory that your existing board is in:

Upload the directories (and any contents / sub directories):
html (All files and sub forums, etc)
lang/en/*.php (All PHP files. Create the directory if it's not there and upload into it)
Skin/s1/*.php (All PHP files. Create the directory if it's not there and upload into it)
sources/*.* (All PHP files and sub folders)
style_images/1/ (All files. Create the directory "1" if it's not there and upload into it)

In short: Upload everything as if it were a new install!

Please check the following before you proceed
You MUST ensure that the new skin PHP files are in a directory called "Skin/s1/" - if you have previously removed "s1" from the "Skins" directory, please re-create it via FTP and upload the skin PHP files into it.

You MUST ensure that the new images are in a directory called "style_images/1/" - if you have previously removed "1" from the "style_images" directory, please re-create it via FTP and upload the images into it.

You MUST make sure the file 'install_templates.txt' is uploaded into the same directory as 'index.php'

You MUST make sure the script 'upgrade5.php' is uploaded into the same directory as 'index.php'

Running the upgrade script
Open up a new browser window and enter the URL to the upgrade5.php script (example: Follow the onscreen instructions to update your database.

If you get an error during the upgrade, try hitting back in your browser and try again.
This script will upgrade your database, install new templates and perform a clean up.


That's it, you should be done!

HELP!!: Common Problems
The upgrade worked fine, but I get a blank screen now!!
The upgrade takes it's best guess when it creates the new skin set, it's not impossible that it might not match everything up. If you get a blank screen, it's usually because the board wrapper it's chosen is broken / doesn't exist. Try the following:
Log into your Admin CP. Go to "Skins & Templates". Click on "Manage Skin Sets" and edit "IPB Default Set (1.2)" and make sure it's got a valid template set and wrapper.

I can't do anything, I get loads of errors!!
This is always caused by a failure to update the files in "Skin/s1/" on your server. Simply put, they MUST be updated from the ones included in this zip file (upload/Skins/s1). Upload the skins and refresh your browser.

Getting further help
If you have a problem outside the ones solved in this guide, then don't panic!
We have a large team of trained support professionals that will be able to provide a solution to your problems.
Your first stop would be our "Support and Community Forums". We have a large active community who have experience in maintaining their Invision Power Board who may be able to give you a prompt reply - our support professionals also moderate these forums and will read your posts. We do recommend that you make use of the search facility on the board to avoid posting problems that have already been posted - there is also a good chance that it's already been reported, discussed and solved.

You may wish to consider registering your board. A once only fee will cover you for all support requests for a period of one year (12 months).
Priority support entitles you to the following benefits:
  • Your support tickets will be marked priority and only Invision Power Board administrators will have access to those tickets.
  • You will be given access to a private support forum on our Community Forums.
  • If you are in the United States you will receive telephone support if desired.
  • In most cases we will login to your account and address problems for you.
  • We can install and upgrade the software for you if desired.

For more information on our priority support service, please visit our advanced services page.

If you wish to contact us for non-technical issues, please visit our Contact Page which includes a handy email form, mailing address and telephone number.